Great Hacks to Create Composting in Your Own Dorm

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It is common that we usually have a smaller version of a garden or just even a space for some plants that we want to grow and have them there. It would be a little hard to have a wonderful garden if you are living in a smaller place or in a dormitory as you don’t space to grow plants. You could start with the hanging plants that you could set up outside the window or you could have some smaller pots and the filled with soil and the plants. The next thing that you need to think about the needs that they have to support their growth like water, sun, air and even minerals and nutrients from the soil.

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In order for them to have the best absorption of nutrients you need to make sure that they’ve the best soil and source of it as well is the fertilizer. You could buy the commercial ones on the market but they are not very healthy and advisable to use as they could damage the growth of the leaves or flowers. You could actually make your own fertilizer which is healthier and suitable to be used for your plants and even to your fruits and vegetable farm that you are having. There are some easy steps and ways to make this one possible even if you are living in an apartment or in a dormitory and you have a strict policy.

If you’re thinking that this kind of thing is messy and not good when it comes to smell, then you are wrong as you might doing wrong in the process. You just need to follow some steps and everything will be fine according to what you like and you want to achieve for your own version of the fertilizer.

You would need a container where you could fill it with the soil so that you can make use of it for the decomposing of the other materials later there. In the decomposition process, you need to make sure that the bacteria will grow and reproduce there as they will be your agent in making the things possible in decomposition. Of course, they would need some air, water, and the food that you are going to try to decompose and make sure that they are not placed inside the dorm. You can now begin with the waste collection like the skin of the fruits or the flesh of it when you don’t like to eat or even the vegetables leaves.

You could ask help from your friends or people living there as well that whenever they have to throw things like the vegetables, then they could put there at once. Of course, tell them that after throwing something, they need to cover back the lid of the container so that it won’t be smelly inside the dorm or the apartment. Try to observe the waste and then put some soil in there so that it would be easily decomposed and have the other layers to have. If you like to be assisted with this project, just call landscape services Maple Grove.

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